How to Finance a Start-Up

When you are doing a Start-Up the Banking and Finance for your practice build-out is something that will be one of the most important items to consider. 

That’s great you found the perfect space, piece of land, grey shell,  vanilla shell, whatever, if you can’t pay for it then the perfect space doesn’t matter.  That is where the banking and financing come into play.  Some banks say they “do healthcare” lending, and some banks ALL they do is healthcare lending.  Some banks have a niche group of healthcare bankers, some just have general bankers that “do” healthcare too.

When looking at your banking needs it’s a commonplace to get a 5, 7, or 10yr fixed rate term when going with a Healthcare focused lender.  Another option is an SBA loan too.  Some banks will fix their SBA lending; others will have a variable rate tied to an index that fluctuates.  All products are great in the right environment and your cash position, debt position, credit score, etc., will all determine who bids on your financing needs.  I have a decade plus of Healthcare banking experience and can’t point to another CRE broker in the real estate space who has this.  Feel free to reach out, and I can assist in finding you the right space, bank, etc.

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